Get PC Government out of the bedroom

Get PC Government out of the bedroom, by Ashe Schow. Connecticut could soon become the fourth state in the US to adopt an affirmative consent or “yes means yes” policy for sexual conduct at its colleges and universities, joining California, Hawaii and New York.

Affirmative consent requires each student involved in sexual activity to request ongoing consent for every action in the encounter. It essentially turns sex into a question-and-answer session dictated by the government, and if you deviate from that at all, then you’re a rapist.

Affirmative consent is unnatural in passionate moments such as sexual activity. While nonverbal communication is allowed under the policy, it is often more difficult to determine someone’s intent with just a moan or a head movement. In this way, affirmative consent leans more toward actually asking someone: “May I touch you here?” “May I kiss you here?” etc.

People don’t have sex that way, and they damn sure don’t want the government telling them how to have sex.

The laws make it hazardous to have sex with someone who has had any alcohol, or might later claim they did:

[A]ny apparent consent is negated if an accuser claims they were intoxicated. On college campuses, an accuser doesn’t have to prove they were intoxicated, they merely have to say they were, and then the accused must prove their innocence.

PC people are so “progressive”, throwing away centuries of evolved legal precedent, by giving a large incentive to accuse:

[T]he person initiating sexual contact — and thus responsible for obtaining consent — is whoever gets accused of sexual assault, meaning the burden of obtaining consent is placed retroactively. …  an accuser is absolved from their actions whereas an accused student is not.

The only way to prove innocence is video tape, otherwise it could be retroactively deemed sexual assault:

[W]hat is now considered sexual assault has been broadened to include basically all sex

Male students: a questionable accusation can ruin your education and career prospects permanently. It’s already happened to a lot of guys.