ALArming Growth While Media Sleepszzzzz

ALArming Growth While Media Sleepszzzzz, by Paul Zanetti.

In the reader comments section of every news site, every blog, every social media post after every terror attack, every Delcon opinion post, Turnbull poll piece, Shorten policy announcement, mosque story and debt and deficit update you’ll pick up the mood swing.

“I’ve had enough of the Libs, I’m voting ALA.”

“I’ve been a Liberal Party member and volunteer all my life. No more. It’s ALA for me.”

“I used to vote Labor but their sucking up to Islam has got me looking elsewhere. My vote’s going to ALA.”

“I’m looking for somewhere else to park my vote. Vote 1 ALA.”

And on and on it goes. Every day. White. Hot. Anger. …

If the online anger is any gauge, a new political force will be warming the Senate benches after the election.

The ALA might become like Geert Wilder’s Party in the Netherlands:

Last October, the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) was launched in Perth by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, now the most popular politician in Europe thanks largely to Angela Merkel’s immigration policy…. Once a lone voice in the Netherlands’ parliament, Wilders’ party is now polling twice the numbers of the next two most popular parties combined.

Wilders wants the Quran banned in the Netherlands, likening it to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It’s hard to disagree when you read the dozens of Quranic verses commanding its followers to kill Jews and strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers and to cut off their head and all their fingers.

The media don’t mention the ALA, because the media prefer to only mention viewpoints they approve of —unless of course they are forced to mention something by events. The ALA is politically incorrect on some issues, for which it draws our respect.

ALA does not chase the media, nor does it dance to the media’s tune. ALA is happy to pay for ads to notify supporters of meetings, but one organisation, News Corp, has refused their ads on the grounds they ‘don’t fit with their brand‘.