Will Rioters Hand the Election to Trump?

Will Rioters Hand the Election to Trump? After the ugly demonstrations against Trump in California, John Hinderaker writes

I think Donald Trump likely will defeat Hillary Clinton, simply because she is such a terrible candidate. But if the current trend toward anti-Trump riots and violence continues, Trump could win going away. …

We are seeing more and more of this kind of thing. Leaving downtown Minneapolis tonight, I bumped into a friend who was steaming because he was delayed by anti-Trump protesters who blocked traffic.

Most people really, really don’t like violent protesters. They especially don’t like rioters who wave foreign flags. If there is anything that could guarantee Donald Trump’s election as president, this is it.

UPDATE: ‘Captain Mexico’ burns Donald Trump effigy at protest in Calif. Lots of photos and videos.

UPDATE: Trump supporter hurt, a tweet by Matt Pearce:


Imagine if this had been a Clinton supporter bleeding from a smack in the face by a right wing protestor at a Clinton rally (no, there are no violent protests at Democrat rallies, but let’s pretend). It would be all over the news, every day for a week, just like say Trayvon Martin’s picture was. It would become an emblem to cement forever in the public mind that right wingers were thugs. But no, the media choose to ignore it, and it is only passed around the Internet from a tweet. It’s no use talking about it to friends who rely on the media or don’t read websites like this— they won’t know about it, and probably are dubious it happened even if you tell them or show them. It’s a “non-fact,” not in the pubic discussion. This selective reporting is how the media lies to us and influences the public mind.

See Dear Mainstream Media, Don’t You Dare Whitewash Anti-Trump Violence. Too bad, they have and they will continue to do so. But like in the deceased Soviet Union, westerners today increasingly know to look behind the what is presented and to read between the lines.

UPDATE: ‘Are They Going To Kill Me?:’ Trump Supporter (Pictured above) Talks About Being Injured During Melee. 6 stitches to close the cut on his forehead, just above his nose.