Islamic State claims murder of Hindu tailor in Bangladesh

Islamic State claims murder of Hindu tailor in Bangladesh.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the murder of a Hindu tailor in central Bangladesh on Saturday, amid a rise in attacks on religious minorities in the Muslim-majority nation.

Police said Nikhil Chandra Joarder, who was hacked to death by at least two attackers outside his shop, may have been killed for making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed several years ago.

“They came on a motorcycle and attacked him as he sat on a roadside. They hacked him on his head, neck and hand,” deputy chief of Tangail district police Aslam Khan said.

Bangladesh is reeling from a series of brutal attacks on members of minority faiths, secularists, foreigners and intellectuals in recent months, including two gay activists and a liberal professor in the past eight days alone.

PC “softly-softly-on-Islam” types might be wise to heed this. They might then like to admit the reality of Islam as intolerant and violent, after which they could turn their thoughts to what it would mean for their own “free speech” once they have forced the rest of us to let too many of them into western countries.