Hair left half-cut in Venezuela electricity chaos

Hair left half-cut in Venezuela electricity chaos, by Maria Isabel Sanchez. In Maracaibo, hairdresser Carmela de la Hoz sent a customer away with his hair half cut when the power went off in her salon.

Security forces are patrolling the streets to prevent unrest following reports of looting in Maracaibo and other towns, a sign that Venezuela’s economic crisis is close to boiling point.

In their green uniforms, they guard subways and entrances to supermarkets where locals queue for hundreds of meters (yards) to buy rations of food and supplies.

Citizens have already been short of basic goods for months. Now the power cuts prompted by an electricity shortage are driving locals to despair.

Read about the Suicide of Venezuela and the Australian Lefties who thought Chavez and his politics were right on. Imagine if those people  influenced Australian policy — except they did somewhat, under the Rudd and Gillard Governments, which ran up huge debts for social programs. The interest on that debt is over a billion dollars a month now, even under current record-low interest rates. (Whew, just as well interest rates are set by a bunch of public servants at the Reserve Bank, rather than by the market, because we all know from the Soviet Union that having bureaucrats set prices is good for the economy in the long run. Higher interest rates would send the interest bill through the roof! Isn’t it cool having a credit card where you set your own interest rate? Chavez probably thought so too.)

UPDATE: Now, Venezuela is Running Out of Beer.