German Right-Wing Party to Adopt Anti-Islam Manifesto

German Right-Wing Party to Adopt Anti-Islam Manifesto. Open Europe reports:

Germany’s right-wing populist party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), is set to adopt an anti-Islamic manifesto at its party congress in Stuttgart this weekend — openly challenging German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s position that, “Islam is part of Germany today.”

AfD Deputy Leader and MEP, Beatrix von Storch, labelled Islam, “A political ideology that is incompatible with the German constitution,” and said the party will call for a ban on Islamic symbols such as minarets, muezzin’s call to prayer and full-face veils for women. Founded in 2013, AfD is polling between 11-14% nationwide.

This media article obviously disapproves:

There are obvious parallels in the 2009 Swiss decision to ban minarets and the 2010 French ban on the veil. However, taken together, this is one of the more full-throated rejections of Islam to emerge from European politics. …  this appears to be a forthrightly anti-Islamic manifesto.

To paraphrase Joseph Fouché (Napoleon’s chief of police), adopting this wouldn’t just be wrong, it would be a blunder. It’s hard to think of a series of steps that would more antagonize and alienate the refugee/migrant population, however you feel about the circumstances in which they arrived, from their new homeland, while delivering little practical gain.

But Muslims and Westerners are not compatible, so should not share a country, according to Steve Sailer:

Westerners and Muslims don’t agree on the basics of social order and don’t want to live under the same rules. That shouldn’t be a problem because that’s what separate countries are for. We should stop occupying their countries and stop letting them move to ours. …

Granted, I’m some kind of weirdo nut who thinks the basic arrangement of the world into 200 separate countries is, on the whole, a pretty good idea.

But everybody who is anybody knows instead that All We Have to Do is invite every Iron Age culture in the world into our countries and then come to a mutual agreement with them upon protocols of behavior governing every aspect of our mutual lives.