400 arrested as left-wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany

“400 arrested as left-wing protesters clash with far-right in Germany” reads the headline on the story. So it sounds like the right people are extreme (“far-right”) and the  lefties are more normal (simply “left-wing”). Further, it sounds like left and right probably had about equal responsibility for the brawl — and since the “far” right was involved, they probably were looking for a fight as everyone knows.

No. “Far-right” versus “left” merely means the media are on the left side, that the media’s outlook is “further” from the right-wing demonstrators than from the left-wing demonstrators. Remember, the PC media are always trying to represent their own views as centrist and mainstream, even though they are often excruciatingly divorced from reality and from public opinion.

And who came looking for a fight? Reading the article, we find that:

Hundreds of left-wing protesters have clashed with people attending a far-right party conference in the German city of Stuttgart.

Oh, so the right wingers were holding a party conference — freedom of speech and association, democracy, peaceful politicking and all that.

Demonstrators burned tires on a motorway and threw fireworks and flares

Well you don’t demonstrate at your own conference , so it must be been that the left-wingers turned up at their opponent’s conference and behaved violently. So the left started it. Not that the article says or even implies that; you have to figure it out yourself by reading between the lines.

Now imagine if lefties were holding a peaceful conference and a bunch of right types turned up and burnt tires, threw fireworks, and picked fights. What would the headline be then? It would be major news, with photos of “far-right German thugs,” dressed in black and snarling nasty slogans, intimidating, nice young girls and boys going about their peaceful business. It would be the rise of the Third Reich all over again.

By the way the Nazis were largely left wing, a deliberate fusion of communism with German nationalism after WWI. Not that the media are ever getting to let you know that.

Reading further into the article we even find they reported a repeated threat from the left-wing thugs:

Footage on social media showed the protesters shouting slogans such as: “Keep refugees, drive Nazis away!” and “We’ll get you all.”

So that headline was quite misleading, wasn’t it?