Democrats Have a Serious Male Voter Problem

Democrats Have a Serious Male Voter Problem, by Ashe Schow.

[A]s media outlets and Democrats love to focus on the gender gap among Republicans that favors men, they ignore the massive gender gap on the Democratic Party that favors women. It’s due in large part these days to the Party’s consistent pandering to women and minorities while ignoring white men. …

Working-class men have seen their jobs disappearing and their issues being ignored or forced to take a backseat to the issues of others—and if they complain they’re accused of racism, sexism and white male privilege.

Ms. Clinton has become so tone deaf on men’s issues that when she wrote an op-ed about criminal justice reform … she focused solely on women prisoners. She even went so far as to imply female criminals are really victims because they can’t visit their children.

She completely ignored the massive gender disparities in the criminal justice system that favor women, like shorter sentences (if they’re sentenced at all) for similar crimes as men and the advantages women have in family court.

It’s this kind of pandering that turns a lot of voters—especially male voters off. When a candidate has to completely discount an entire population in order to try and gain the votes of another population, it’s sickening.

UPDATE: The marriage gap between the US parties is more than double the gender gap. The gender gap fits the narrative (spun as “women won’t vote for Republicans because the Republicans wage war on women”), but the marriage gap is never mentioned in the PC media.

In the 2012 US Presidential election, married people voted 56 – 42 (Republican – Democrat), while singles voted 36 – 62. From which one might conclude that “married people detest the Democrats” — which perhaps is why the media/left/pc-crew work so hard to undermine marriage?