Target’s Bathroom Policy: Politically Correct, But Dead Wrong

Target’s Bathroom Policy: Politically Correct, But Dead Wrong, by Mitchell Shaw. Target recently announced a policy of allowing anyone to use either bathroom in their stores. However there has been a huge backlash, spawning a popular boycott movement.

Dan Hall, a father of eight in Mabank, Texas: …  “I simply cannot feel comfortable sending my kids to the bathroom knowing that anyone could be in there.”

Target has attempted to spin this as a matter of values. Of course the company’s statement that it “strive[s] to make our guests and team members feel accepted, respected and welcomed in our stores and workplaces every day” somehow does not apply to people who feel threatened or just uncomfortable using intimate facilities with members of the opposite sex.

UPDATE: Top Twenty-Five Stories Proving Target’s Pro-Transgender Bathroom Policy Is Dangerous to Women and Children.

As the boycott of Target stores over its pro-transgender bathroom policy grows, the question of just who such a policy puts in danger is a natural one to ask. As these policies proliferate across the country, the number of stories of predators threatening women and children in public restrooms is also growing by the day. …

Still, in defense of such polices, liberals ask what harm could come to anyone if bathrooms are opened up to men dressed as women, or others who claim to be transgender? On the other hand, those who reject these policies ask why the nation should put women and children in danger by allowing predators to more easily enter and install video cameras in bathrooms and changing rooms or otherwise threaten and harass people using the restroom?

By even the most generous estimations only .3 percent of the nation claims to be transgender. So, in the end, these extreme policies of bending over backwards for people who claim to be transgender are designed for less than half of one percent of Americans.

This is so dumb, there is obviously another agenda involved.

hat-tip Barry Corke