For one key group Trump’s Muslim ban is yuuge

For one key group Trump’s Muslim ban is yuuge. Trump’s temporary ban on non-citizen Muslims entering America is very popular with Republican primary voters, the only people able to vote on it so far. G.M. Davis, who earned his doctorate in political science from Stanford University and is author of “House of War: Islam’s Jihad against the World”:

It should not be surprising that Donald Trump’s proposal for a temporary halt to Muslim immigration has attracted such overwhelming support among Republican voters. It is an eminently reasonable and moderate proposal, which one hopes will set the tone for more sweeping proposals as the campaign progresses.

It demonstrates that Mr. Trump understands the danger posed by Muslim immigration as well as the slanted politics of the issue, which routinely cast such proposals as his own as ‘extreme,’ ‘racist,’ etc. and which requires special handling from figures such as himself.

The global western establishment is trying something deeply unpopular with the general western population. Let’s hope democracy prevails.

Republican leaders are committed to an agenda of globalization, which leads them to put political correctness ahead of national security.

On the issue of Muslim immigration, perhaps more than any other, ordinary voters and the establishment of both parties are divided. Really, the establishment is happy to give voters whatever they like as long as the general program of globalization continues to move forward. That program entails the continued demolition of national borders, the mixing of national, religious and ethnic populations, and the general dissolution of local and regional distinctions of all sorts around which ordinary people can rally to defend their traditional freedoms.

Ongoing immigration, especially Muslim immigration, is central to the general plan of eroding national integrity and identity, which is exactly why the establishment loves it and ordinary voters hate it.

The Muslim nightmare is a huge issue, mostly ignored by a media that adopts the PC stance of the ruling class:

Westerners, Europeans and Americans are increasingly waking up to the nightmare of having their lands invaded by a hostile ideology that recognizes nothing of their own as sacred: not Christianity, not women’s rights, not freedom of speech, not responsible, secular government. Regardless of how the 2016 election turns out, the issue of Muslim immigration will persist, either as a focus of policy in a Trump (or possibly Cruz) administration or as an ever-growing elephant in the room of a Clinton administration.