Trump To Conservatism Inc. (Implicitly): Join The Nationalist Revolution—Or Be Flattened…

Trump To Conservatism Inc. (Implicitly): Join The Nationalist Revolution—Or Be Flattened…, by James Kirkpatrick. Donald Trump won every state and every county on Tuesday, in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

This challenged some of the deepest-held beliefs about American politics—specifically that the Northeast, at least its Republicans, are “moderates.” No doubt unconsciously, Trump is creating a new opportunity for the American Right, which either needs to embrace nationalism and identity politics or suffer slow extinction in a Third World America.

Exit polls show the conventional image of a “moderate” Northeast Republican is all wrong:

Northeastern Republicans are looking for fighters—just people who fight on different kinds of issues than what social conservatives are used to. Instead of crusaders against gay marriage or abortion, Northeastern Republicans want their champions to be strong on trade, immigration, and national security.

The times are changin’, big time. Identity politics is taking over from ideological politics, and the left no longer monopolizes identity politics:

Confronted with inefficient, Leftist, and usually black-dominated urban machines in the major cities, white Northeastern Republicans supported elected officials who offer at least some kind of resistance. Rather than being dominated by ideology, politics in the northeast are about identity.

Of course, that means American politics will take on an increasingly Identitarian tone. As more and more Americans are exposed to diversity, they come to regard ideological abstractions as a luxury they can no longer afford.

Heed the late Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore, something of a professional expert in the matter, who once said:

In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.

Calling the November election?

Ultimately, the 2016 choice will come down to grassroots conservatives, who will have to defy their self-appointed minders to support Trump should he secure the nomination. They will have to decide whether the country is more important than getting a 100% score on a Report Card from some Beltway think tank.