Transgenderism: Gods And Monsters

Gods And Monsters, by Rod Dreher. Transgenderism actually is a much bigger deal than accommodating a very small number of individuals who believe they were born in the wrong bodies:

What must be remembered in all of this is that the leftward impulse in human politics (the propelling force behind Progressivism) has always been the impulse towards transcendence.

This is precisely why the transgender movement is taking off so unbelievably. The left has won its other objectives. The idea that two men can marry and live as a couple has transcended – if not demolished – thousands of years of human culture, tradition and morality. It has all been smashed. The defenses of the family and the church are breached, and the remaining offensive against them is now only a mop-up operation.

Transgenderism, however, is a whole new offensive. This movement is an attack on reality itself; an attempt to transcend not just human constructs like culture and tradition, but to transcend the very “givenness” of human reality itself.

The transgender revolution [thus] … becomes an immensely powerful condensed symbol for the future course of the entire Progressive, leftward movement.

Like much of political correctness, postmodern arts students flail away at reality. Transcendence says we can be whatever we wish; biology says that all our cells carry either an X or a Y chromosome.

A central tenet of political correctness is that people are trained to be what they are, so social engineering can change people’s nature. Hail the social engineers! Yet despite repeated failures, often blighting millions of lives, the PC crew continue to ignore biological realities. Here we go again. Says Dreher:

But progressivism is never satisfied. There is always some new fence to tear down to build utopia. .. an academic researcher on human sexuality and society [said] that transgenderism is a threat to social stability on far more serious level than homosexuality, … that homosexuality mostly works within received gender paradigms, however subversive it may be to longstanding customs and religious teachings. Transgenderism, though, denies the meaning of gender and givenness, and that there is any such reality to our bodies that is not self-chosen.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

UPDATE: A commenter writes:

We’re going in a horrible direction. Transhumanism. The attempt to deny that we are what we are. How can that form a basis for moral inquiry, scientific inquiry, etc?