Bill Shorten wants a lot of new carbon taxes and to help international bankers

Bill Shorten wants a lot of new carbon taxes and to help international bankers, by Joanne Nova. Bill Shorten has promised there will be “no carbon tax under Labor”. Gillard said the same before the 2010 election, then nakedly installed such a tax.

At least [Shorten] is kinda upfront about saying there will be no tax apart from a lot of new taxes he calls trading schemes… He is offering a kind of “Cap N Trade”, which is bound to suit all the Aussies who’ve been lining up at protests saying “No Carbon Tax. We want Cap N Trade”. Have you met one ? Me neither.

A tax by any other name hurts as much:

A carbon tax-trade thing only hurts big “polluders”, and people who do things like heating, cooling, or travelling.

“There will be an ETS for electricity generators…” Translated — will be a tax for electricity consumers,

“…and a separate one for businesses in other industries who emit more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon pollution per year.” And another tax for consumers buying things off big business.

Labor heard the wrong message:

Shadow environment minister Mark Butler says Labor “heard a very clear message from the Australian people about the carbon tax” and says it will not be returning to that model.

What the Labor Party didn’t hear was that the Australian people didn’t really care about the model. They don’t want to pay more nor vote on this issue. Eighty percent don’t donate to environmental causes. Eighty-eight percent don’t even pay $2 to neutralize their flights. More than half are skeptical in survey after survey.

Can anyone help a poor banker?

Mr Shorten’s plan is to funnel large amounts of money through overseas bankers to buy paper certificates to change the weather.

Mr Shorten the-anti-banker-man wants a Royal Commission on Australian Bankers but will be the best friend of financial houses like Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs etc et al. The large financial houses have been lobbying for international carbon markets for years. The largest fiat commodity market in existence? A license to print…