Bangladesh: Two Hindus jailed for defaming Islam

Bangladesh: Two Hindus jailed for defaming Islam.

Two Hindu teachers in Bangladesh have been jailed for six months for making blasphemous comments about Islam ….

“One of the teachers made some abusive remarks about Islam in the classroom earlier this week…His remarks spread, sparking an outrage among the people in the neighbourhood,” a local journalist told PTI.

The headmaster of the school, who also is a follower of Hindu faith, stood by his colleague after some parents protested against the remarks.

“At one point of altercations they virtually confined the two teachers inside the school,” he said. “Being informed about the situation, the UNO (administrative head of the sub-district) and executive magistrate rushed to the scene, freed them from the confinement and handed them down the sentence by staging a mobile court at the scene,” he said.

So a Muslim mob formed because of abusive remarks about Islam, and those who made the remarks were quickly bundled off to jail. Muslims are famously relaxed and compassionate, just the sort of neighbors everyone wants.

Islam never defames other religions, does it? Cannot ever see anything like that ever happening in the West, no matter how the demographics change, can you?

hat-tip Stephen Neil