ABC Nightly News Speaks for the Politically Correct on “Refugees” on Manus

ABC Nightly News Speaks for the Politically Correct on “Refugees” on Manus. The ABC’s 7 pm TV News bulletin tonight argued that the refugees on Manus must now be allowed to settle in Australia, after PNG announced that it would be closing the facility that houses 850 people on its Manus Island.

The ABC makes its arguments by selecting interviewees and by selectively presenting facts. The ABC interviews and broadcast people whom they know will put forward their point of view. Which is why they interview Green politicians far above their representation in Parliament or their percentage of votes received at the last election.

The ABC is the home of political correctness in Australia, so tonight’s “news” bulletin was really a program of instructions to the PC people of Australia on this issue. The ABC referred to the 850 people detained on Manus as “refugees” and wants them settled in Australia. That’s the policy, and all PC people in Australia will have tuned in and will now be singing from the same hymn book.

The ABC argument disregards the will of the voters, as expressed at the last federal election. The last federal election only had a few issues; the current government was elected with a mandate  to “stop the boats”, and, by implication, to stop people entering Australia illegally. The ABC News treated the people, and democracy, with contempt. Further, it did so using public money and in contradiction of the ABC Charter.

The ABC consistently referred to the detainees as refugees, and quotes one as saying he was not interested in living in PNG, because he is an Australian refugee, not a PNG refugee. That is grossly misleading of the ABC. A “refugee” seeks refugee from danger, so if he was in danger in the country he came from (Iran?) then any country that was safe would be a refuge and should be acceptable. Obviously he is an economic aspirant who wants to move to Australia, perhaps to enjoy our generous welfare. The ABC is conspiring with him in his crime.