We’re all racist. But racism by white people matters more

We’re all racist. But racism by white people matters more, by Mona Chalabai in the Guardian (very PC).

In fact, though, everyone – of whatever colour – is racist. As part of a TV documentary I’ve been working on, I’ve seen how our brains have a tendency to automatically associate our own race with good and other races with bad, whoever we are.

So if the tests show that bias works both ways, shouldn’t we spend more time talking about white victims of racism, rather than white perpetrators? … It’s a question of vulnerability. As long as systems of power remain white, racism against white people will not be the same as racism against people of other races.

Inching closer to reality, but no cigar:

I am, though, reluctant to dismiss anti-white racism altogether. Because the fact is, my friend and a lot of other white people in Britain genuinely believe racism affects them too: that people like me benefit more from positive action schemes than we suffer from negative discrimination. And they would never, ever use the word “racist” to describe themselves.

We need to acknowledge the frustrations of those white individuals who feel ignored by elites and who might vent this by turning against people of colour, or migrants.

hat-tip Matthew