The Mafia Steps Up in Sicily Against the African Invasion

The Mafia Steps Up in Sicily Against the African Invasion, by Jim Goad.

As recently as 2006 nearly 98% of the capital city of Palermo’s residents were of Italian descent. But a massive recent influx of (pick one) migrants/refugees/conquerors from Northern Africa—some estimate that 1,000 new arrivals are dumped on this small island of five million every week—has graphically altered Palermo’s demographics to the point where many neighborhoods in the city are fully one-quarter non-Italian.

And according to several sources, the Sicilian Mafia has “declared war” on the African infiltrators. And judging from news reports, the government and media are siding with the Africans.

Sicilians versus Africans? Call it La Cosa Nostra v. La Cosa Nostrils.

Our ruling elite hate us:

What seems disturbingly evident in Italy, as in the rest of the EU, is that any indigenous resistance to the forced browning of Europe is slowly being criminalized. When the natives are treated as born sinners who deserve their eventual extinction at the hands of hostile invaders, it becomes uncomfortably evident that the chief targets in the European Union’s crosshairs are Europeans themselves.

Turning to the Mafia for protection?

Despite what the news reports are pushing, I suspect that the average native Sicilian is pulling for La Cosa Nostra to win this one. When the “good guys” are causing the problem, the “bad guys” may be the only ones who can fix it.

Demography is destiny.

hat-tip Stephen Neil