Save Europe From Terrorism – Go to Church

Save Europe From Terrorism – Go to Church, by Iben Thranholm.

Islam has always been the second biggest religion in Russia. Moscow has the largest Muslim population in Europe, with estimates suggesting that between 1.5 and 2 million of the Russian capital’s population are of the faith.

Yet apparently Moscow has nothing like the same problem with which many Western capitals are struggling, like ghettos that form parallel societies and provide fertile soil for rapidly growing radical groups. Quite the contrary, there are no evident signs of tension.

So why is Russia integrating Muslims so much better?

Russia, despite being strongly multi-cultural, has very solid moral and spiritual foundations through the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church, whereas moral relativism and nihilism rule the West.

[T]he utter vacuum of moral relativism feeds radicalism. Young Muslims without strong roots in their faith encounter no healthy spiritual alternatives in Western culture that reflect their need for a religiously rooted identity. What they see is moral and spiritual relativism, which they find so revolting that they rush into the arms of Islamic radical preachers, because these radicals alone offer the clear and firm framework of guidelines for their lives which they know the need.

The West offers nothing to replace something. The West then stands uncomprehending and clueless when it turns out that the West has failed miserably to replace something with the utter nothing it offers. …

At the same time, relativism makes Europeans lethargic and impotent in dealing with radicals, because relativism has obliterated the distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. Fighting terrorism and radical islam is thus not merely an issue of piling up yet more surveillance and intelligence budgets. Recreating the Christian moral foundations will be necessary to offer an attractive balance and alternative to the simplistic certainties of radicalism.

hat-tip Stephen Neil