Republicans are people too

Republicans are people too, by Eliza Filby.

Organising a conference on Conservatism at Harvard however is no easy feat given the culture of liberal political correctness that now dominates US campus life. ‘I had to think twice about using my personal email address when promoting the event and know I won’t be putting it on my CV’ admits Lisa Peng, a Maths major at Harvard and chief organiser.

Lisa knows a little about the importance of freedom of speech; her father is currently serving a prison sentence in China for speaking out against the government.

But surely she doesn’t feel there is a comparative level of censorship in the US? ‘Conservatives remain very much in the closet in America’s Liberal Arts Colleges’ she tells me. These students have not only co-opted the language once owned by the homosexual community but even the policy of ‘Don’t ask: Don’t tell’; so reluctant are they to reveal their political affiliation. Campuses across America are currently locked in an exhausting and restrictive conflict about syllabuses, safe spaces and monitored expression and while some see positive parallels with the Free Speech movement of the 1960s others point to the McCarthy-era as its real precedent.

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