How moderate are moderate Muslims?

How moderate are moderate Muslims? by Rod Liddle. There is an ocean between what British Muslims believe and what the rest of us believe.

‘What’s in the news this week?’ I asked my wife as she browsed the first newspaper we had seen for a whole week, having hitherto been blissfully disconnected from the rest of the country, without phones or the internet.

‘Muslims, largely,’ she replied, flicking from page to page, ‘a bit on in-and-out, but mainly it’s the Muslims.’ Oh, good. …They were still up to their stuff, a good few of them.

A longish article quickly touching on the many ways Islam is now in our News. Dominating, some days. Even the PC crew might be starting to notice there are problems with their allies, though they do have a persistent problem with reality. Flashback:

hat-tip Stephen Neil