#BoycottTarget Dominates Top 10 Facebook Trends Three Days in a Row

#BoycottTarget Dominates Top 10 Facebook Trends Three Days in a Row.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have signed the American Family Association’s (AFA) petition opposing the retail giant’s decision to allow men to use women’s changing rooms and bathrooms. …

What began as a corporate statement of solidarity with LGBT activists has morphed into a public relations disaster for Target. …

“Corporate America must stop bullying people who disagree with the radical left agenda to remake society into their progressive image,” AFA President Tim WildAmon said.

The notion that men don’t go into women’s bathrooms evolved across most all countries and held sway for centuries. It was considered perfectly obvious and acceptable until a year ago. Now the progressives say it is the most prejudiced and unfair thing, and anyone still believing it is a bad person.

Wow, how enlightened the progressives are, able to suddenly see what others failed to see for centuries. Cannot imagine why everyone doesn’t immediately bow down to their superior morality, and ask them to run their lives for them. Heck, I’ll bet even the Romans, at the height of their decadent excess before the fall, never thought of having men in the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

hat-tip Stephen Neil