Policies For The Federal Election: Working Document

Policies For The Federal Election: Working Document, by David Archibald. The 2016 federal election could be as soon as three months away and no later than six months away. So what policies should be adopted to secure Australia’s prosperity and security for the rest of the 21st century and beyond?

If you go to the Liberal Party’s website, all they have in the way of policies is what they took to the 2013 election, including Mr Abbott’s paid parental leave scheme.

There is no need to go to Labor’s website — they have stated that they will bring back unrestricted illegal immigration by boat and the carbon tax. All anyone who opposes Labor has to do is to continually state what Labor’s policies are.

The policy vacuum should be filled and this document is a work in progress, in the expectation that good policies will drive out bad.

If you have any input to the policies, please email David.