Conservatives and the ‘Samson Option’

Conservatives and the ‘Samson Option’, by Merv Bendle. Come election day, many in the Liberal base will confront a question Malcolm Turnbull poses with very nearly his every utterance: Is a party that pursues power without principle worth the lead in a polling-booth pencil?

[P]rogressivists championing their often quite extreme policies have infiltrated all the major political parties, and their primary allegiance is not to their parties but to their sponsoring groups that operate in the background.

These may be corrupt organizations, like unions (e.g., the CFMEU), lunatic leftists (e.g., the Socialist Alliance), groups committed to identity politics (e.g., EMILY’s List, the LGBTI community), or they may be lobbyists seeking to use MPs for their own ends.

Entrenched inside the party structures, these operatives have been extremely successful in pursuing their sectional objectives with little or no concern with the well-being of the country or the integrity of the political system.

They are supported by the shadow state, that mass of powerful government and semi-government agencies about which I warned last year. Back then I pointed out that Turnbull is operating behind the scenes to assemble a team of progressivist activists in key positions within the bureaucracy and related federal government bodies, including especially the ABC and the HRC, where they complement the already entrenched progressivist network. As I observed: “While Turnbull acts as front man, placating and manipulating the masses with the help of a compliant media, this shadow state will be tasked with marginalizing all conservative values and institutions and re-constructing Australia in accordance with statist and progressivist values and ideology”.

Excellent article; read the whole thing.