Anzac Day: Sydney teen charged with planning terrorist attack after allegedly trying to get a gun

Anzac Day: Sydney teen charged with planning terrorist attack after allegedly trying to get a gun, by the ABC. A 16-year-old from Auburn in Sydney was charged with preparing for, or planning, act of terrorism connected to Anzac Day commemorations.

Nowhere in the ABC report is there any hint of what motivated the boy, if the planned attack might have been part of a larger war, or if it held any special significance for our society. Perhaps it’s a fifth generation white Australian boy with a mental affliction or a relationship gone sour? Or perhaps it is linked by a political ideology to a series of other attacks in Sydney, Australia, and the West generally for the last few decades? The ABC knows the answers to all these questions, but carefully does not put anything in the article to let you know. The ABC is usually so keen to read political significance into everything because they live and breathe politics — guess this event doesn’t help the ideologies they promote, eh?

Federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan said the news that a 16-year-old had been arrested was a “chilling and disturbing scenario”. But likewise keep us in the dark about context, motivations, and relevance. Are we children Mr Keenan? You are our (well-paid) servant, so tell us the truth.

Likewise The Australian, the SMH, and the Daily Telegraph withhold the vital information from us, though The Australian drops a clue in it opening sentence (wink):

A suspected lone-wolf terrorist assault against Anzac Day commemorations has been thwarted by NSW Police.

Ah, the Gold Coast News is not quite up on the latest PC censorship, and spills the beans:

Police have allegedly found a disturbing stash of Islamic State propaganda inside the home of a 16-year-old boy charged with planning to carry out a terrorist attack in Sydney today.

I’m wearing my shocked face.