The Tragic and Undeniable Facts About Crime and Race

The Tragic and Undeniable Facts About Crime and Race, by Real Facts Media.

[P]eople everywhere are afraid to talk about race and crime, because the facts are so disturbing. So why even bring it up at all? Because the deeper problems persist. Racial disparities in crime are not getting any better.

Media and politicians tell us over and over that “systemic racism” is to blame for these disparities. From unjust drug policies to racist police officers, the “system” is responsible. Sure, there are bad laws and corrupt police officers, but does that really explain everything?

The article lists by disturbing trends on crime and race by country, for the US, France, Germany, the UK, and Australia. With links.

There is clearly a worldwide trend here of shifting the blame away from the criminals and onto society at large – i.e. the non-minority part of the population. …

When you start asking difficult questions, you may be shocked where the facts take you.  …

Replicated peer-reviewed science keeps turning up correlations between crime rates and IQ and specific genes — such as the MAOA 2R “warrior gene,” which has a strong link to aggression, violent crime, and incarceration, and which is 52 times more common in African Americans than caucasians and is relatively uncommon in east Asians.

You might want to see this graph of demographic projections. If you want to follow up the crime and race links then there is a one hour video here (“It’s not perfect, but it does a great job describing crime statistics, trends, and the latest studies examining race and crime. The most controversial part starts around minute 34:00 as the researcher discusses studies pertaining to IQ, genetics, and the controversial trends.”)