Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal is ‘working’

Migrant crisis: EU-Turkey deal is ‘working’, by the BBC. Illegal migration flows to Europe have dropped sharply with Turkish help.

Turkish PM Ahmed Davutoglu reiterated the EU should now implement visa-free travel for Turks as part of the deal.

Mr Davutoglu said his country had fulfilled its part of the agreement and “the issue of the visa waiver is vital for Turkey”.

The price is visa free travel to the EU for all 80 million Turks.

UPDATE: Europe Makes “Deal With The Devil”, Panics After Deal Terms Have To Be Changed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed off on a deal with the devil (Turkey) that would give 80 million Turkish Muslims visa-free access to the EU. As part of the deal, Turkey will receive €3 billion in aid.

In return, Turkey agreed to halt the flow of refugees pouring into Greece. Turkey did stop the flow of refugees into Greece, and now the devil wants his due.

There is growing panic in in Europe, reports the Financial Times:

European diplomats are agonising over their politically perilous promise to grant visa-free travel to 80m Turks, amid strong warnings from Ankara that the EU migration deal will fold without a positive visa decision by June.

The EU’s month-old deal to return migrants from Greece to Turkey has dramatically cut flows across the Aegean, easing what had been an acute migration crisis. But the pact rests on sweeteners for Ankara that the EU is struggling to deliver — above all, giving Turkish citizens short-term travel rights to Europe’s Schengen area.

Germany, France and other countries nervous of a political backlash over Muslim migration have started exploring options to make the concession more politically palatable, including through safeguard clauses, extra conditions or watered-down terms. …

One senior EU official said the search for alternatives reflected “growing panic” in Berlin and Paris over the looming need to deliver the pledge.

Sounds like Merkel signed off on a deal that was not hers to make.