Wholesale Movement of Chinese Industry and Workers into “Russian” Far East

Wholesale Movement of Chinese Industry and Workers into “Russian” Far East, by Al Fin. There is a stealth colonization, by an overly populous China, of a distant part of Russia’s empire that is being rapidly depopulated of its ethnic Russians.

Chinese industrial colonies have been moving wholesale into Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia for several years now. This time, it is Russia’s turn to be overrun by China’s debt-propelled never-ending industrial bubble. …

What does it mean when large numbers of Chinese enterprises across a wide range of key sectors begin to move factories and workers into relatively unpopulated parts of East Russia?…

The result … will follow the formula: “economics plus demography equals a province of the Chinese Peoples Republic, with ethnic Russian enclaves.” The flag, shield and hymn will remain Russian, but these will be the symbols of “rollback” rather than of the defense of national territory and national interest.

The ethnic Russian population in Siberia is only 6.3 million. Vladivostok is 7 hours of time zone and 5,700 miles from Moscow.

Western media sources studiously ignore the enormous byplay taking place between Russia and China in the Far East. They have no narrative into which such realities would fit cleanly. But the Russians and the Chinese have a long and antagonistic history, and both sides are watching these developments very carefully.

The author quotes the view that

… the Kremlin “’needs China. It doesn’t need the [Russian] Far East.” Russians can thus [say] “adieu” to that region which is being surrendered in a “hybrid” fashion to China with “rollback and taxes” leading directly to “the Chinese colonization of the Far East,” a colonization that works as do Moscow’s other hybrid operations for the Kremlin but not for the Russian people.

China Needs Siberian Resources. Image: New York Times http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2015/01/14/the-most-debated-room-for-debates/why-china-will-reclaim-siberia-21

China Needs Siberian Resources. Image: New York Times