They are migrants not asylum seekers, blasts Frederick Forsyth

They are migrants not asylum seekers, blasts Frederick Forsyth. The best-selling British author is the latest to try explaining the obvious to those addled with political correctness:

Asylum means protection, shelter or sanctuary. You cannot seek sanctuary except from a threat such as death or persecution. The simple truth is that those occupying the Jungle camp outside Calais did not arrive by sea or air. They came overland after first landfall on the European continent. From that moment they were in no danger at all.

Why? Welfare benefits.

They must have reached Calais by passing through up to three countries where they could have sought to stay and start new lives. They chose to press north-west, motivated by the desire to reach the super-magnet of Europe: this country. Britain has the reputation of possessing the most generous and easily obtained social security handouts of any land in the EU.

Not on the level:

More to the point, most have torn up their identity cards and passports, if they ever had any. There is a point to this ruse. Without papers they can claim any name and almost any age. Some fully-grown men are claiming to be children.

hat-tip Stephen Neil