Swedish village gripped by migrant fear: Ex-pat says women scared to go out

Swedish village gripped by migrant fear: Ex-pat says women scared to go out, by Rebecca Perring.

A TERRIFIED mother says she fears for her young son’s life as controversial plans to move hundreds of migrants in threatens to destroy a peaceful tiny Swedish village once ranked the best place to live in the Nordic country. …

[P]olice in Sweden this week warned women not to go out alone after a massive rise in sex attacks on women and children by men of a ‘foreign origin.’

The once peaceful town of Östersund is effectively a no-go zone for women after eight sex attacks in three weeks. An asylum centre has opened there holding 900 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq.

The latest terrifying attempted rape assault saw a woman surrounded by three men who punched her to the ground and tried to pull her trousers down. Only her martial arts skills saved her.

Earlier two 10-year-old girls were groped at a bus stop by a gang of men who threatened to rape them and a woman was punched in the face, splitting her eyebrow, by a man who threatened to kill her after he made a rude comment to her.

And a woman walking on her own was attacked beaten and pushed to the ground by three men who  held her down and forced their fingers into her mouth while screaming offensive, sexual words to her.

Police in Östersund, with a population of 45,000, say they have never seen anything like this before. …

Sweden is at the heart of Europe’s migrant crisis, with 10,000 asylum seekers arriving in the sparsely populated Scandinavian country every week.

hat-tip Stephen Neil