Democrats, Not Republicans, Have Moved on Immigration

Democrats, Not Republicans, Have Moved on Immigration.

A casual observer of the 2016 presidential election and immigration politics could be forgiven for thinking that Republicans have moved sharply to the right on the issue, while Democrats have stayed roughly where they have always been. But an interesting new Pew poll suggests the opposite is true: Republican voters’ views on immigration have held roughly steady over the past decade, while Democratic voters’ views have lurched sharply to the left. …

The standard media narrative holds that political polarization in the United States a GOP-driven phenomenon; that Republicans have gone off the deep end, and that Democrats remain sensible, centrist, and open to compromise.

Standard operating procedure for the media is to paint their position (and that of the main leftist party) as sensibly centrist, and other opinions (especially those of the main right party) as regressive, extreme, and winding the clock back.