Zero tolerance for radicalised Muslims

Zero tolerance for radicalised Muslims, by Miranda Devine.

The horrific photographs in our newspaper today show the injuries suffered by 41-year-old ex-Army reservist Michael O’Keefe: the bloody “E4E” (“eye for an eye”) etched into his skin with a razor blade, the neck-brace, the broken sternum, the red raw skin on his back where he was whipped, the burns he endured after a towel was placed on his face and boiling water poured over his head. Less obvious is the fear and confusion reflected in the eyes looking at the camera.

This sadistic jailhouse attack was allegedly committed by 18-year-old alleged ISIS supporter Bourhan Hraichie in the minimum-to-medium security Kempsey jail.

See link and scroll down for photo.

The story of how a radicalised prisoner allegedly carved an Islamic State slogan into the forehead of his cellmate is an alarming insight into the complacency of Australia’s security authorities.