Teenager Is Accused of Live-Streaming a Friend’s Rape on Periscope

Teenager Is Accused of Live-Streaming a Friend’s Rape on Periscope.

When an Ohio teenager witnessed her 17-year-old friend being raped, according to officials, she not only failed to help the victim, she pointed her phone and streamed a live video of it on the Periscope app.

The teenager, Marina Lonina, 18, faces a spate of charges as severe as those facing Raymond Gates, 29, the man accused in the attack. Both have been charged with kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and pandering sexual matter involving a minor.

Mr. O’Brien, the prosecutor, said Ms. Lonina had apparently hoped that live-streaming the attack would help to stop it, but that she became enthralled by positive feedback online.

“She got caught up in the likes,” he said.

Seeing her friend being raped was just entertainment:

In an interview on Monday, Mr. O’Brien acknowledged that for roughly 10 seconds during the 10-minute video Ms. Lonina pulled the leg of the victim, who he said cried out during the attack saying “no,” “stop” and “help me.” It was not clear though that she intended to help the victim, he said.

“For the most part she is just streaming it on the Periscope app and giggling and laughing,” Mr. O’Brien said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil