Facebook accused of gagging same-sex debate

Facebook accused of gagging same-sex debate, by Andrew Burrell. Facebook has been accused of censoring views that differ from its own social agenda after it ­deleted a post by a Sydney man who suggested same-sex marriage ­advocates should accept some of the blame for making gay people feel marginalised.

But in a dramatic about-face, Mr Dickson’s post reappeared on Facebook at 8.30pm yesterday after former human rights commissioner Tim Wilson approached the company.

All opposition to political correctness is “hate speech,” according to the PC crew. Which justifies shutting it down by any means available.

Commenter Jeffrey:

Why am I not surprised by any of this?  One can’t help but feel that freedom of speech has already gone (apart from those on the Left of course who can be as abusive and vile as they like to anyone centre right).  Years of social engineering starting at kindergarten and ending at University (apart from those employed in  the public service and large private institutions, where it continues), have meant an unconscious acceptance that opprobrium automatically  follows any comment that does not conform to PC left ideals.

Commenter Walker:

Facebook has set itself up to abuse and censor debate.  The TGBLI crowd know that – working together – they simply need to submit enough complaints against a comment and Facebook will automatically delete that comment.  Facebook knows that it is being used to censor debate but doesn’t care because the regressives are its main customers.  This is a one-in-a-million case of concerted censorship action being ‘caught out’. Until Facebook takes an unbigoted position on social issues – becomes more inclusive and celebrates diversity of opinion – it cannot be trusted.

hat-tip Matthew