Cory Bernardi holds parents responsible for teenage ‘trasher’

Cory Bernardi holds parents responsible for teenage ‘trasher’, by Michael Owen.

Cory Bernardi has lashed the parents of a 14-year-old girl who allegedly was involved in the trashing of his Adelaide electorate office, saying they should be held accountable for any criminal actions of their child. …

“The most disturbing aspect of this entire sorry saga is that a 14-year-old child was taken out of school and driven to a violent protest by her parents,” Senator Bernardi said.

The group allegedly defaced walls and carpet, pushed over a fence and destroyed electoral material in Senator Bernardi’s Kent Town office, on the fringe of Adelaide’s CBD, on March 18.

Senator Bernardi reacted furiously after slogans including “Australia’s Trump” and “f..k Bernardi” were scrawled on his office walls, while his wife and staff retreated to locked rooms.

The “protest” was because Senator Bernadi opposed the Safe Schools program. So here is a tricky one: were the Nazis politically correct? Well I suppose they were, in a late-1930s-Germany sort of way.