The Silent Nasty – Blame the Left for the deteriorating tone of our political discourse

The Silent Nasty – Blame the Left for the deteriorating tone of our political discourse, by Andrew Klavan. The left operates by rudeness, but now Trump dishes it back:

Have [the left] not listened to themselves for the past 50 years? Do they really have no idea how vicious, how low, how cruel, and how dishonest their attacks on the Right have been?

No, they haven’t; and, no, they don’t. The Democrat-monopolized media, which explodes with rage at any minor unmannerliness on the right, falls so silent at the Left’s almost ceaseless acrimony that leftists are never forced to confront what despicable little Trumps they often are.

Exposing the PC operating procedures:

If a conservative expresses concern that Koranic ideas seem to be conducive to oppression and violence in every country where they hold sway, leftists label him “Islamophobic.” If he feels unborn children might have a right to life, leftists say he is a sexist waging war on women. If he feels that secure borders and the rule of law might be necessary to the maintenance of a sovereign nation, leftists cry that he’s a nativist who hates immigrants. …

They use “objectification of women” to describe men’s normal sexual yearnings; “racial profiling” to describe street-smart police work that protects citizens of every color; and “climate deniers” (ala “Holocaust deniers,” for God’s sake) to describe those who call baloney on one of the great scams of our generation.

Political correctness has caused a breakdown in civility:

The mental tyranny that goes by the name of political correctness wrongly assumes that the human heart is infinitely malleable and that words can endlessly reshape the reality of its experience. Force people to declare that all cultures are morally equal, and morally equal those cultures will become; demand we pretend that gender differences are a myth, and gender differences will disappear; shame us out of noticing the color of a criminal’s skin, and crime statistics will lose their power.

It is in seeking these transformations that the Left has felt blithely justified in sneering at opposing opinions it deems racist, sexist, or otherwise hateful. But it just doesn’t work. The eyes see what they see; the heart knows what it knows. Bottle up the human experience in silence, and it will ultimately break forth in rage.