Boris accuses PM of talking ‘b******s’ over EU

Boris accuses PM of talking ‘b******s’ over EU, by Peter Henn. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said the Prime Minister had failed to secure a bar on people moving to Britain from other EU countries when they did not have secured jobs.

Boris, whose grandfather was Turkish, warned that plans to let Turkey into the EU could cause chaos:

I am very pro-Turkish but what I certainly can’t imagine is a situation in which 77million of my fellow Turks and those of Turkish origin can come here without any checks at all. That is really mad – that won’t work.

We were told repeatedly in the run-up to this negotiation we’d be able to decide only people who had jobs lined up could come here. I can give you the quotes. It was Theresa, Dave and George who kept saying it.

But it could never be delivered because of a European Court judgment in 1991. It ruled that anybody can go anywhere in search of work, that’s why we were just told to bog off.

Here we go:

Now there is this idea that trade is entirely controlled by governments, that no trade takes place unless governments agree with each other.

Well, b******s. It’s nothing to do with governments. It’s to do with businesses, people and enterprises deciding they have something to buy or sell.

This will accelerate as a result of getting rid of so much bureaucracy and political interference.

Boris Johnson is showing courage, mixed with a healthy dose of opportunism. He is now leading and shaping the UK’s long overdue populist uprising. The Merkel-Turkey deal on “refugees” will be seen as the straw that broke the camel’s back.

hat-tip Stephen Neil