Malaysia Airlines MH370: money wasted for no logical reason

Malaysia Airlines MH370: money wasted for no logical reason. Byron Bailey argues that the long search has been looking in the wrong place, “based on the nonsensical theory of unresponsive pilots because of hypoxia or a similar event.”

The National Geographic Air Crash Investigation team … debunked all the theories of hypoxia, fire, technical fault and massive structural event and is solid in its conclusion that it was a rogue pilot hijack by the MH370 captain.

Why is this important? It concerns liability. Under the Montreal convention, payout for a death due to accident is about $200,000 but in the event of proven pilot suicide, which results in the murder of 238 innocent people and is therefore a criminal matter, the liability may be unlimited.

It is time the heavy hitters of the media demanded an explanation from the government and the ATSB about why they ignored professional aviation advice and wasted two years of time and taxpayers’ money by pushing the ­illogical pilot unresponsive theory that has absolutely no evidence to support it.

Interesting point.

I strongly believe, as do my airline colleagues, that MH370 captain Zaharie Shah deliberately planned and executed this mission to hijack the aircraft and attempted to cover this up by ditching in as ­remote a location as possible, in the most unsurveyed, inaccessible place on Earth 6km deep so it would not be found and his crime of murder would remain unsolved.

hat-tip Barry Corke