Counter-Terrorism: Belgium Admits It Was Screwed By The Saudis

Counter-Terrorism: Belgium Admits It Was Screwed By The Saudis. After the recent Muslim attacks in Brussels:

the media were all over the state of Islam in Belgium and many little-publicized facts were made very public. Chief among them was the role of Saudi Arabia played in building (at Saudi expense) mosques and religious schools in Belgium and then staffing them. These facilities were controlled by very-conservative (and anti-Western) clerics and religious teachers who were often trained in Saudi Arabia.

This should not be surprising as since the 1980s Saudi Arabia has spent over $100 billion doing this promotion of the very conservative Wahhabi form of Sunni Islam that has predominated in Saudi Arabia since the 18th century.

This was all made possible after 1970 when the Arab oil states, mainly Saudi Arabia, found themselves with unexpected and unprecedented oil wealth. … Billions were (and still are) spent on … the policy of getting the young boys into these free religious schools and turning many of them into hateful (towards anyone not like them) Islamic religious fanatics [, which] led to a major outbreak of Islamic terrorism in the late 20th century.

This Saudi effort was spectacularly successful in Brussels where over 20 percent of the population is now Moslem and most of them are Wahhabi Sunni. …

While many Belgian Moslems sought to become Westernized, at least so they could get an education that would result in a job, most of those exposed to the Wahhabi preaching refused to make themselves employable and then complained that Belgium was punishing them for being Moslem