Hillary Clinton laughs at idea of letting men into her cabinet

Hillary Clinton laughs at idea of letting men into her cabinet, by Ashe Schow.

During an interview with Newsday, Clinton was asked if there would be “gender parity” in her cabinet. Clinton responded: “Sure, absolutely, because I sure would love to reach that.”

But when asked a follow-up question by Newsday’s Lane Filler about whether she would “at least let one man” into her cabinet, Clinton laughed and said: “I’m still considering that.”

OK, I get it. This was a joke, and if I had been there I probably would have laughed. We as a society need to chill on this kind of stuff and not be so sensitive when it comes to obvious jokes like this.

Of course Hillary Clinton will have men in her cabinet. Some of them might be white, or they might not be.

But when Republican Mitt Romney discussed his quest to ensure qualified women were hired in his administration as Massachusetts governor, he was lambasted because he said he had “binders full of women”, referring to resumes. Romney was specifically talking about making sure he included women in his administration, and he was made fun of and accused of sexism.

So when Romney suggested hiring more women, he was a sexist, but when Clinton suggests not hiring men, she’s a comedian?

Because in this day and age, especially with Clinton as a presidential candidate, gender matters more than merit.