A modest proposal for issues for men using women’s bathrooms

A modest proposal for issues for men using women’s bathrooms, by Tom Trinko.

Liberals reject science and say that people can define what they are, irrespective of what their DNA says. …

Given that liberals believe that people are infinitely malleable and that we can define who we are irrespective of our real biological identity, there is a simple solution to the current uproars over biological men in women’s restrooms and bakers who don’t want to provide services to gay weddings (but who are willing to serve gays in all other circumstances).

Women need merely assert that they will swoon and die if they see a biological male in a woman’s restroom.  Based on the liberal beliefs above, no experimental data or even reasoned arguments are needed; women can simply declare that they will die if confronted by a man in the women’s restroom.

hat-tip Stephen Neil