What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy

What Women Really Want Is The Patriarchy, by Nicole Russell. Hard to get more non-PC than this.

In today’s enlightened age, women think they know what kind of man they want, but in reality, most don’t. In fact, many women, unwittingly confused by the myriad feminist mantras bombarding them daily, seek the type of committed, romantic relationship with a man that will ultimately leave both her and him inherently dissatisfied.

This is as much due to the ideology behind feminism’s flawed ideas as the men who have been, over the years, subconsciously programmed to behave according to its dictates.

Despite 40 years of feminism

many women still crave a stable, mutual, satiating romantic relationship with an assertive, authentic, direct man.

Problem is, the kind of men feminist padawans tend to attract are—how do I say this politely?—not really men. Studies even show contraception users are attracted to more passive, feminine men. I mean, they have man parts, but they are defensive, irresponsible, and passive-aggressive.

Feminism shapes men in all the wrong ways:

Many men, having been on the receiving end of this feminist mantra that repeatedly says man parts are gross, male minds are stupid, male character is lacking (false rape charges anyone?), and male personalities are domineering, overbearing, and disrespectful of women, have slowly shriveled to mere shells of themselves in an effort to avoid the witchy brigade of feminist diehards….

As post-sexual-revolution women have been released to explore their own sexuality, they have discovered that the easy-to-please, passive-aggressive, “Mr. Nice Guy” offers devastating disappointment.

A call for less feminism, ‘cos it’s better for women:

Women can have careers, be independent, strong, and happy, but if they want to do all this and attract the kind of man they really crave, they need to throw out the hallmarks of feminism that claim their male peers are domineering, stupid, misogynist authoritarians who will make their lives miserable. If anything, the opposite is true. The direct, honest, responsible, hard-working man many a woman desires can be just the type she’ll find, once she ditches the ideology that told her she didn’t need that to be happy in the first place.

So, how about those Muslim men immigrating to the West? (Check out the photo at the link.)