Tulane students fire back at fraternity’s pro-Trump wall

Tulane students fire back at fraternity’s pro-Trump wall. Members of the Kappa Alpha fraternity at Tulane University erected a sandbag wall on their own property, and spray painted TRUMP and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN on it. A group of black men — allegedly members of the Tulane football team — tore it down. It’s all on video.

SJW Vandalism At Tulane, by Rod Dreher. Some Latino and black students found the wall “offensive”. However it was built on private property, so tearing it down was trespassing. And it silenced free speech. So which side did the university administration come down on? They

faulted the fraternity for provoking everyone else via they’re intolerable expression of support for the Republican GOP candidate who actually won the Louisiana primary.

In the US a political climate is developing where many people have been persuaded and encouraged to find the speech of one of the political parties so offensive that it justifies law breaking, with violence as required, to silence that speech. Imagine having the power to effectively outlaw your opponent’s speech. Wouldn’t know, I’m not politically correct. But this, to use the left’s favorite word, is not “sustainable.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil