Counting the cost of China’s left-behind children

Counting the cost of China’s left-behind children. Today in China maybe one fifth of all children live without their parents. Why? Because China has rules that kids can only get health and education care if they stay at their home address, which stops mass migration and slums developing as people shift to where the work is.

But parents need jobs, and with low pay and long hours they can’t return home often, nor can they take their children with them to the town their job is in. So children look after their younger brothers and sisters, or get visited by a relative.

What a mass experiment on a large part of one generation. The scale is 100 times larger than the industrial revolution in the UK 200 years ago, when different kinds of deprivation occurred due to the mass transition of the economy.

This is “state” managed parenting and housing. Glad I’m not one of those kids.