Student union denies believers’ right of association

Student union denies believers’ right of association, by Henry Ergas. The University of Sydney Student Union has threatened to deregister the university’s evangelical union unless it drops the requirement that members be evangelical Christians — that they attest to their belief that “Jesus is Lord.”

According to the student union, making membership conditional on that vow breaches its prohibition against discrimination on religious grounds. In asking for the vow to be removed, the student union’s president said, it was merely enforcing the prohibition and promoting inclusivity.

The student union’s claim is scarcely convincing. After all, the purpose of the freedom of association is to allow the like-minded to band together in pursuing their legitimate passions and objectives; but for that purpose to be achieved, the right to associate must imply a no less powerful right to disassociate — to join with those who share one’s aims, but not with those who do not.

Why bother arguing abut fine points such as freedom to associate? The PC Student Union just hates Christians for not being PC.

Christianity has a long tradition of defying state power, right from its inception — and here the Student Union is merely an organ of the same elite that runs the state. The evangelical union must simply persist and defy them. Organizing online polls to demonstrate popular support for its existence might be a way to go.

The defiance to date — the evangelical union voted late last month to reject the student union’s demand — is encouraging. Let’s hope that Biblical Christians in the West recover their Faith and stand up to both the radical Secularists and Islamification. It’s interesting how the West’s oldest enemy has returned just when we are in worst state spiritually and culturally for centuries …

hat-tip Stephen Neil