Grab Your Ankles and Let Them In

Grab Your Ankles and Let Them In. Jim Goad tells us more about the apology from the leftist Norwegian politician raped by a Somali refugee, and then adds some similar stories of PC folly:

There’s the young female member of Germany’s “Left Youth” party who was allegedly gang-raped by immigrants in January and then reportedly apologized to them on Facebook, claiming she was “so sorry” about her “racist country.” There are young German women who proudly claim they’re willing to “trade racists for refugees.” There’s a man who got stabbed by North Africans in Dresden but urged that the incident not be used to “demonize migrants.” And all the mass rapes this past New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart.

And then there’s the once-British nation of England, where organized Islamic rape gangs have enslaved, tortured, and raped thousands of underage white girls in Rotherham, Rochdale, Derby, Oxford, Bristol, Telford, Banbury, Aylesbury, and Keighley. Girls were pissed upon, doused in gasoline, tortured with knives and meat cleavers, and forced to undergo back-alley abortions with hooked instruments. In all of these cases, accusers and the media kept almost entirely silent due to the paralyzing fear of being dubbed a “racist.”

Again: political correctness is currently making the left suicidally stupid, but do they have to take our society down with them?