Anti-Islam vandals scrawl slogans on University of Melbourne campus

Anti-Islam vandals scrawl slogans on University of Melbourne campus, by Elissa Doherty.

ONE of Australia’s most prestigious universities has condemned vandals who scrawled anti-Muslim messages including “Stop the Mosques” around its Parkville campus yesterday.

The University of Melbourne’s Vice-Chancellor Glyn Davis has decried the offensive chalk slogans, saying they caused distress and were at odds with its diverse and inclusive community.

The graffiti, which also included “Islam is not a race” and “Freedom of Speech”, surfaced this morning at seven sites around the campus, and was quickly removed by maintenance staff. …

In a statement on the university’s Facebook page, Prof Davis wrote that the “offensive slogans” were unacceptable.

I’d like to see all previous chalk messages that Prof Davis has not called unacceptable, while he has been Vice-Chancellor. I’ll bet ostensibly worse messages but of a leftist nature were not deemed “offensive” by the Vice-Chancellor.

A recent “Stop the mosques” protest at an AFL football match was roundly and hypocritically condemned by the good and powerful of the Victoria last week. Protestors against the building of Australia’s biggest mosque near their homes in Melbourne are ignored as “racist.”

As Tim Blair notes, the Chalkening has arrived Downunder, and

One Australian Muslim academic recently called for a mosque stoppage himself, preferring greater investment in science and research. “Islam is not a race” is simply a statement of fact. And “Freedom of Speech” ought not be offensive to anyone, or at least anyone who respects freedom of speech.