The Hypocrisy of PayPal on Gender

The Hypocrisy of PayPal on Gender, by Julio Severo.

PayPal has vowed to discontinue the expansion of its services in North Carolina after its governor passed a law to protect women and children … by not allowing biological men to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms.

For earlier coverage on the bill, see North Carolina passes “Bathroom Bill”, Left goes nuts, Google Ventures refuses to invest.

In answer to the PayPal boycott, on Facebook Franklin Graham, son of the legendary evangelist Billy Graham, said, “PayPal gets the hypocrite of the year award!… PayPal operates in countries including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Yemen for Pete’s sake. Just last month PayPal announced they would be expanding in Cuba, a country in which homosexuals and transgender people have been imprisoned, tortured, and executed.”

This isn’t the first time. This article’s writer was subject to an international campaign led by a US Gay Rights group in 2011. PayPal closed his account, because “We take very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation.” Yet PayPal continues its services to Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations despite their rather extreme actions against homosexuals and transgender people.

I was targeted exclusively [by PayPal] because of my Christian values and stances.