Derailing the Trump Train

Derailing the Trump Train, by Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert cartoon.

Where I was wrong was forgetting that social media runs the world now. And social media has no 2D game at all. It is pure emotion. And it is not on Trump’s side.

So I will update my description of Trump bringing a flamethrower to a stick fight by saying I forgot the audience have their own torches. Collectively, those torches are bigger than Trump’s flamethrower. And the audience left their seats and attacked, using pure emotion, persuasion, and repetition. Trump is surrounded and outnumbered. …

Trump has been branded a sexist Hitler and left to die at the bottom of the hole. There is no solution, we think. But Trump already started climbing.

Adams says that by suggesting the US military should leave Japan and Korea and do less with NATO, Trump is not Hitler because Hitler was always for more military. Trump opposes abortion, but Hitler was for death. Trump admitted he was wrong to tweet about Cruz’ wife, and reversed his position on punishing women for illegal abortions within hours — Trump showed he can be shamed into changing his position in real time.