Why I’ve Changed My Mind On Trump

Why I’ve Changed My Mind On Trump, by Canadian Cincinnatus.

Early on, I was a bit seduced by Donald Trump, mostly because he has exquisite taste in enemies and because my political instincts incline me toward populist upstarts and against arrogant establishments….

And then I realized — like I was shot with a diamond bullet — that there is no “there” there. Trump has no ideas, no philosophy, and no governing principles. He is little more than a salesman selling himself. He is a hollow man, a stuffed man, headpiece filled with straw.

See Trump doesn’t read books. The author suspects Trump’s positions are not held with conviction:

There are Trump’s extensive ties with top Democrats … [and] his (very recent) past support of left-wing causes, including illegal immigration. … Of course, people can change. … Normally though, when somebody has had a genuine change of heart, it only comes after a protracted inner struggle — often detailed in their writings — or as the result of some dramatic event…

One of the best ways to divine a man’s true intentions is to examine his past actions, particularly under stress; i.e. does he favour the hard right over the easy wrong? One of the reasons I think Senator Ted Cruz is a rare sincere politician was his opposition to ethanol subsidies [which are popular in Iowa] during the Iowa Caucus. Iowa was a must-win state for Cruz, but Cruz didn’t budge on the issue and wasn’t silent about it either. Watch his confrontation with an Iowa farmer angry over the ethanol issue; Cruz’s ability to win him over is one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen. In contrast, Trump embraced ethanol subsidies with gusto.

Suffice it to say, there is no comparable instance where Trump took an unpopular position that was personally disadvantageous to him.