Why Progressives Don’t Understand and are Enemies of Liberty

Why Progressives Don’t Understand and are Enemies of Liberty, by Richard Ebeling.

The progressive believes that individuals are members of a greater society, a community, to which they owe a portion of their income and wealth to improve the conditions of others less well off than themselves.

The classical liberal or libertarian believes that the individual is not a prisoner of society, but a distinct human being with rights to life, liberty and property. Government is meant to be a guardian of these rights, not a usurper of them to redistribute wealth or micro-manage society through compulsory regulations.

The conversation shifted to the idea of a “social contract” to which all are bound in society, to the nature and consequences of the interventionist-welfare state on the poor, on the arrogance and hubris of progressives to presume that the government “experts” have the wisdom, knowledge and ability as political paternalists to reshape society better than the forms and patterns it takes on through the free and spontaneous interactions of the societal participants themselves. …

[Progressives] substitute the blunt and brutal element of political force for the civilized and freedom-based avenue of reason and reasoned outcomes.

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